Refund Policy

CONNECTING ROOTS (“CONNECTING ROOTS”) is dependent upon the generosity of public and private donations in order to pursue our mission. We are exceedingly grateful to those who share our passion and partner alongside us (“Donors”). As such, CONNECTING ROOTS desires to adhere to the highest ethical standards, committing to honor donor intent as well as honor the public interest entrusted to us as a 501(c)(3).

Subsequently, in order to protect the trust placed upon us by the public as a tax-exempt corporation, we must strictly adhere to a policy that does not allow for refunds of donations, except under very special circumstances as outlined below. 

1) Violation of Gift Agreement

When a donation exceeding $50,000 is given, CONNECTING ROOTS may engage with the Donor through a written Gift Agreement. The purpose of the Agreement is to document how CONNECTING ROOTS intends to utilize the gift. Such an Agreement will allow the Donor to approve or modify the intended use of funds before they are utilized. Once signed by the Donor, a refund cannot be considered unless it is determined that CONNECTING ROOTS has violated the terms of the Agreement.

2) Failure to Honor Donor Intent

When making a donation, if the Donor requests in writing how they specifically wish their donation to be utilized (e.g., DNA kits, scholarships, administrative costs, etc.), CONNECTING ROOTS will make every effort to honor their request and utilize their donation in a fashion consistent with their wishes. A refund may be considered if CONNECTING ROOTS fails to honor the written intent of the Donor.

CONNECTING ROOTS will only consider refunding a donation if such a request is made within ninety (90) days of the original donation during the calendar year in which the donation was made – unless otherwise agreed upon in writing – provided the donor has not claimed a tax deduction from their donation (proof of tax return may be required).